500KW Solar PV Power Plant
115KW Solar PV System
Solar PV Operation & Maintenance

Littoral has developed Megawatts of solar PV here in New Jersey and provides Solar PV O&M services for both private commercial and publicly owned Solar PV facilities across the State of New Jersey.

Solar PV Plant Operation

Effective operational management of our clients Solar PV facilities are accomplished through the following:

Remote diagnostics
27/7 remote monitoring
Data analytics
Years of remote observational experience
Route cause analysis
Immediate service dispatch
Field analysis and diagnostics

Our top priority at Littoral is maximum production through minimized down time and maximizing PV system efficiency.

Solar Plant Maintenance

Our maintenance crews perform the following standard preventative maintenance:

Visual surveys
Solar panel washing
Infrared scans
IV Curve testing
String Level analysis
Repair of identified Solar PV issues

Rapid response is very important when servicing power plants and Solar PV is no exception. Down time equals lost revenue and we pride ourselves in maximizing production and revenue for our clients.

Solar PV Plant Surveys

At Littoral we provide complete Solar PV plant surveys for any size Solar PV plant. Detailed status reports are formulated using the extensive data generated throughout our survey process. These reports are very valuable to our Clients who are buying, selling or just not satisfied with their current production and ROI.

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