Commercial Solar PV Power Plants
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With Megawatts of Solar PV designed, constructed and commissioned Littoral has a proven in house expertise to effectively design and manage your Solar PV projects from concept to completion. Littoral is staffed with solar experts with certifications in advanced solar PV design, over thirty years of construction management experience and over ten years Solar PV commissioning experience.  Staff certifications included PMP, OSHA 30 and LEED Green Associate certifications. Littoral, LLC is a woman owned SBE firm and a NJ DPMC registered Solar PV Contractor. Littoral clients include school systems, commercial property owners and power purchase providers.

Engineering (E)
We can quickly access your site to determine its feasibility for a Solar PV facility. If the site is feasible we will develop an initial layout, preliminary design, production estimate, budget, ROI and IRR projections. Once under contract we proceed with full structural and electrical engineering for roof tops and for ground mount full geo-tech, civil, structural and electrical designs. Interconnect application with one line is submitted.

Procurement (P)
Once the engineering is complete we will aggressively procure the project equipment to provide you with quality efficient equipment at the lowest cost. We also aggressively procure experienced subcontractors when required to ensure we meet ROI and IRR projections for the project. Permits and SREC applications are submitted.

Construction (C)
Our staff has extensive Solar PV construction experience as well as civil and commercial construction experience. Our projects are professionally planned with CPM schedules, staging plans, safety plans and coordination of site logistics so the effect of construction on your operations is minimized.

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